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Computing & IT

Computing & Information Technology

  1. 201 Principles of Software Development
  2. Ambient Findability
  3. Best Software Writing I
  4. Beyond Code
  5. Code Complete
  6. Creating Killer Web Sites
  7. Customers.com
  8. Database Systems
  9. Death March
  10. Don’t Make Me Think
  11. Enterprise-Wide Software Solutions
  12. Improving Software Development Productivity
  13. In Search of Stupidity (Second Edition)
  14. In Search of Stupidity
  15. Information Warfare and Security
  16. Lifehacker
  17. Managing Knowledge
  18. Managing the Software process
  19. Mythical Man-month
  20. Oracle: The Complete Reference
  21. Oracle8 Architecture
  22. Oracle8: The Complete Reference
  23. Software Configuration Management Handbook, Second Edition
  24. Software Project Management
  25. Software Runaways
  26. Teach Yourself C Programming in 21 Days
  27. Web Concepts & Design
  28. Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design