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The Laws of Simplicity

If you are a designer, then this book is for you. I use the word ‘designer’ very loosely. It should include everyone who has something to with designing—from housewives who design the daily meals, gardeners who plan and create beautiful landscapes, teachers who design their courses, software engineers who design software applications, writers who creates […]


The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success

In this beautifully written and illustrated book, Imai brings together the management philosophies, theories and tools that have been developed and used over the years in Japan. Kaizen means continuous improvement. All the techniques and tools described in this book will help one achieve continuous improvement in his/her workplace.

Introduction to Work Study

A very simple yet complete book on Work Study. This book has been used all over the world since its publication in 1957. The book presents the subject matter in a simplified manner with numerous examples of work study practice, a large number of which are based on the experience of ILO management development advisers […]

Human Factors in Engineering and Design

Ever since the first edition was published in 1957, this landmark book (then titled Human Engineering) has been considered as a Bible in the area of Human Factors in engineering and design. This is a course book and a good reference for Industrial Engineers, Designers, Architects, etc. Any person who is involved in any way […]