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In Search of Stupidity (Second Edition)

This is the second edition of Merrill R. Chapman’s highly successful book, In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters. In the book, he chronicles the history of the high-tech industry during the last few decades, highlighting the stupid mistakes made by the so called ‘excellent’ companies and how they perished because […]

Ambient Findability

Today we are not faced with lack of information; instead we are faced with information overload. In this age of information explosion we are bombarded with information. So we must develop skills and formulate sound strategies to deal with the information explosion.

To be competitive and good in one’s chosen profession, one need to be up-to-date […]


This book is for people who want to do work more efficiently, who want do more things, and want to work smarter not harder. The subtitle summarizes the contents of the book—88 tech tricks to turbocharge your day. This book contains useful tips, tricks, shortcuts and workarounds that will help you become more productive and […]

Beyond Code

This book is not about coding; it is about the career beyond coding. Many IT professionals in their quest to learn the latest and hottest technology chase the unattainable all their life as the IT field, what is sexy and hot are outdated in a couple of months. So today’s hottest technology will be obsolete […]