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Pegasus Book Club is an on-line book club started with the objective of bringing you information about good books in the areas like Computing and Information Technology, Management and Business, Engineering, etc. In this era of information explosion, the number of books published every year is increasing at an exponential rate. So it is impossible for an individual to review all the available options and decide on which books are worth reading.

We at Pegasus Book Club will review the books and will feature the books that, we feel will make excellent reading. We have a panel of experts who will do the book reviews. Each book that we feature will be reviewed by an expert in the respective field. So if a book is included in the Club’s list you can safely assure that it is worth your money and time.

Our reviews will be quite comprehensive. You will get to know what the book is about, what topics are covered, how good the coverage is, who are the target audience, etc. We will give our recommendation and rating for each book. The rating will be based on many factors including the price, the quality of the book, layout and design, readability, usefulness, coverage, etc.

We hope that you will find this service useful and we expect your cooperation and support.

Alexis Leon
Coordinator & Webmaster
Pegasus Book Club


SubmissionsYou can submit your books/products for review. We will review it and if found good will feature them in this site. This does not mean that only books/products submitted will be included in our list.

The only criterion for inclusion is quality and usefulness. Any book/product that we feel is good and useful for you will be reviewed and featured here.

We do not accept advertisements and have no plans to do so. But if you are an author or a publisher and if you feel that you have a good book/product then a review is better than an advertisement. But we do however have some rules about submissions:

You must send us a copy of the book/product to the following address:

Alexis Leon,
Neerakkal, Manath Road,
Thrikkakara P.O., Cochin,
Kerala, INDIA – 682021.

In the case of software, it should be fully functional–not a trial or evaluation copy.

The books/products submitted would not be returned irrespective of whether it is featured in this site or not.

We will intimate you our decision. If we have decided to feature the book/product in the site you will be informed when it will be featured, the URL of the page and other relevant details. So don’t forget to include your address and email ID while you are sending the books/products for review.

Rating Scheme

After the review, we will rate the book. Our rating scheme is simple. The books (except for fiction) will be rated based on the following factors:

    1. Content & Coverage
    2. Readability
    3. Usefulness
    4. Design & Layout

Each factor will be rated separately and will be used to compute the overall rating. This maximum possible overall rating will be a 5 star rating. The overall rating will be based on the above mentioned factors and also on other factors like price, ease of use, cover design, quality of printing, etc.

Content & Coverage – This factor basically will tell you whether the content of the book is doing justice to the objective of the book. By objective we mean the objective specified in the preface, or if it is not specified the objective that can be inferred from the title of the book. We will tell whether the books coverage of the topic is adequate, too much or too little. If some areas, which should have been included, are left out we will point out those areas.

Readability – Presentation and readability represents the quality of a book, which makes the reading a pleasure. Here we are basically concerned how well a topic is presented, how good is the writing style, is the language too heavy, whether the author has succeeded in conveying what he had intended, etc.

Usefulness – Usefulness is the factor, which determines the practical value of the book. For example, a course book will have practical value, if and only if it is able to teach the readers the subject. So if a course book has solved examples, sample problems, exercises, quizzes, etc. then the usefulness of the book will be high.

Design & Layout – This criteria represents the layout and design of the book, how well the book is organized or in other words it is the measurement of how good the book looks in print.