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Ladybird Favourite Tales

Ladybird Favourite Tales are the timeless, treasured stories that generations of children have grown up with and loved. These easy-to-read retellings, enhanced by rich, colourful, and exciting illustrations beautifully captures the all the magic of the original stories.

These books are ideal for reading to the kids when they are young. Once they start reading on their own, they would simple love to read these as they are familiar with the story and the words. This is one of the best collections of story books to get your kids get interested in reading.

I used to read from these books to my nephew and niece when they were young—3-5 years and shared many wonderful evenings with them. I must have read each story time and again and all the three of us still know them by heart.

Each book is about 26 pages with the fantastic illustrations taking most of the space. So it is a delight for the kids to read them. The production quality is excellent—hardbound with a lay-flat design. The books are small (4.8 x 6.8 inches) is rugged enough to withstand the handling of kids learning to read.

The books in this marvellous collection are:

  1. The Elves and the Shoemaker
  2. The Three Little Pigs
  3. The Gingerbread Man
  4. The Little Red Hen
  5. The Princess and the Pea
  6. The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen
  7. The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  8. Chicken Licken
  9. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  10. The Magic Porridge Pot
  11. The Ugly Duckling
  12. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  13. Thumbelina
  14. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  15. Sleeping Beauty
  16. Dick Wittington
  17. Puss in Boots
  18. Rumpelstilskin
  19. Rapunzel
  20. Little Red Riding Hood
  21. Pinocchio
  22. Hansel and Gretel
  23. Cinderella
  24. Jack and the Beanstalk
  25. Beauty and the Beast
  26. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  27. Tom Thumb
  28. The Little Mermaid
  29. The Wizard of Oz
  30. Peter and the Wolf
  31. The Enormous Turnip
  32. The Big Pancake
  33. The Princess and the Frog
  34. The Crab and the Crane
  35. The Lion and the Hare
  36. The Mice Who Ate Iron
  37. The Monkey and the Crocodile
  38. The Crow and the Pitcher
  39. The Lion and the Cave
  40. The Doves and the Mole
  41. Riki Tiki Tavi
  42. The Jackal and the Drum
  43. The Blue Jackal
  44. The Three Fishes
  45. The Singing Ass
  46. The Mouse Maiden
  47. The Stupid Lion
  48. The Clever Hare
  49. The Elephants and the Mice

You can get more details about these books from the Ladybird Website.