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AceReader Pro Deluxe with Text-to-Speech Add-on

What happens when two superior technologies converge? You get a superior product. That is just the case of AceReader Pro with text-to-speech add-on. When you combine the best on-line reading software with an excellent text-to-speech technology, what you get is a product so powerful that it will revolutionize the way you read, hear and assimilate information.

AceReader Pro from StepWare, Inc. is an award winning productivity and self-improvement educational reading tool that has been around for sometime. It helps you read faster by using a variety of technologies. Read a detailed review of AceReader Pro.

Current version of AceReader Pro is 4 and is required for the text-to-speech add-on. The thoughtful people at Stepware has created an excellent user manual, which not only explains the working of AceReader Pro in a clear and easy-to-understand style but also includes guidelines for arranging your workplace ergonomically and tips and techniques to prevent fatigue, eyestrain and other repetitive stress injuries.

AceReader Pro

AT&T’s Natural VoicesTM is one of the best text-to-speech engines. It offers high quality human sounding voices. Natural VoicesTM add-on makes AceReader Pro the first speed-reading software to have text-to-speech capability. This innovative enhancement dramatically improves the utility of AceReader Pro. The ‘read aloud’ feature not only delivers superior sound but also allows the user to fine tune the speed options to suit the listener’s preferences.

This product is a very useful application for students, professionals, business executives and anyone who deals with text in the electronic form. AceReader Pro with text-to-speech add-on lets you relax while you listen to articles, e-books, web pages, in fact anything that you can copy to your clipboard.

The Stepware press release says the text-to-speech add-on enables AceReader Pro to support three of its critical markets: early reading fluency (grades 1-3), ESL and foreign language students and on-line readers. But that is an understatement. AceReader Pro with text-to-speech add-on makes it a handy tool for many other segments and users.

The ESL and foreign language students and professionals can improve their reading and comprehension skills and more importantly, their pronunciation and accent. One of the main problems faced by ESL and foreign students is the inability to speak correctly. With the inclusion of American and British English voice fonts, students can train themselves to speak correctly in their preferred accent.

Another segment of users who can dramatically benefit from the text-to-speech add-on are people with reading difficulties. Like speed-reading, there is a concept called speed listening. Research has shown that people with reading difficulties, employs speed listening techniques like scanning with their ears as they are as impatient as the sighted users and want to get the information they need as quickly as possible. Many users set the voice to speak at an amazingly rapid rate [1]. With voice speeds up to 500 words per minute the text-to-speech add-on will be an ideal tool for these people. They can also save the cost of the expensive screen reading software programs.

The text-to-speech add-on is a real boon for everybody who wants to communicate clearly. It helps one in assimilating information at an amazingly rapid pace and helps in training to deliver it perfectly. So this is an ideal tool for everybody who wants to keep pace, survive, thrive and stay ahead in this information age.

I have found this application very useful for correcting mistakes in the articles, mails, essays and manuscripts. It is definitely easier to find out the mistakes when the text that you have written is read back to you. The spelling and grammar checking features of word processors will not be able to find all the mistakes in your document. But when the text is read to you, you can identify and correct the mistakes that have eluded your word processor. In this electronic age where the manuscripts are submitted as electronic files, this product will be a very useful tool for copy editors, proofreaders, technical reviewers and authors.

So get your AceReader Pro with text-to-speech add-on and stay ahead of the completion. Now…

[1] Redish, J., and Theofanos, M. F., “Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Web Sites: Observing Users Who Work With Screen Readers”, 2003.

Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon is a software consultant, author and researcher. He is the managing director of L and L Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. a company specializing in web design and development and client/server application development and offering consultancy in software engineering, software quality assurance and Industrial engineering. He has written more than 40 books in various computer and management fields like Mainframes, Databases, Internet, SQL, Y2K solutions, ERP, E-commerce, Software configuration management, etc. His books are prescribed text books in many universities and training institutes in India. He holds an M. Tech in Industrial Engineering. He lives in Cochin, Kerala, India. Home page:Alexis’s Ark E-mail: alexis@lnl.net