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TextAloud MP3

TextAloud MP3 is a cute little application that reads any text you copy to the clipboard and if required, converts the text file to either MP3 or WAV formats. The program is capable of reading any text, such as e-mails and Web pages, Word documents, etc. No extra cutting and pasting is necessary, because the program monitors the clipboard and can automatically send the text copied to its interface. The easy-to-use VCR-style controls allows you to play, pause and fast-forward through the text. TextAloud MP3 allows you to choose from a number of different configurable voices-male, female and robotic voices, etc.- and edit the dictionary to help with pronunciation. Thus this is a text reader combined with MP3/WAV converter–you can hear text that you either type in or transfer to this program; you can also record these audio text files in MP3 or WAV format to listen them later.

TextAloud MP3 is a very useful application for students, professionals, business executives and anyone who deals with text in the electronic form. This little application lets you relax while you listen to the inter-office memos, e-mails, articles on the Web, etc.

As an author, I have found this application very useful for correcting mistakes in the articles, essays and manuscripts. It is definitely easier to find out the mistakes when the text that you have written is read back to you. The spell checkers and grammar checker of the word processors will not be able to find all the mistakes in your document. But when the text is read to you, you can identify and correct the mistakes that have eluded the grammar checking programs of your word processor. In this electronic age where the manuscripts are submitted as electronic files, TextAloud MP3 will be a very useful tool for copy editors, proofreaders, technical reviewers and authors.

This is also very useful for people with sight impairments. If your vision is not good, you can give your strained eyes the much needed rest by listening to the text instead of reading it.

You can get more details of TextAloud MP3 and download a trial version from the site of NextUp Technologies.

Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon is a software consultant, author and researcher. He is the managing director of L and L Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. a company specializing in web design and development and client/server application development and offering consultancy in software engineering, software quality assurance and Industrial engineering. He has written more than 40 books in various computer and management fields like Mainframes, Databases, Internet, SQL, Y2K solutions, ERP, E-commerce, Software configuration management, etc. His books are prescribed text books in many universities and training institutes in India. He holds an M. Tech in Industrial Engineering. He lives in Cochin, Kerala, India. Home page:Alexis’s Ark E-mail: alexis@lnl.net