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Power Typing

Touch-typing is the art of typing without looking at the keyboard. When you are a touch typist you will use all your ten fingers to type. You will use the correct fingers to strike the correct keys. You will increase your typing speed and your productivity. You will reduce the number of typing errors. You will do all these without looking at the keyboard-that is the beauty of touch-typing.

Till now, touch-typing has been practiced mostly by stenographers, personal assistants, secretaries and other data entry operators. But in today’s competitive world where everyone is required to work on a computer, the single finger or two finger typing won’t do. Every one who uses the computer (especially the information worker who uses it for performing almost 80% of his/her tasks) needs to learn how to type correctly-i.e., learn touch-typing. Touch typists can do more work in fewer hours, giving them extra time to devote to other tasks.

Touch-typing is a skill like riding a bicycle-a skill that can be learned and can be perfected and improved by practice. So once you have learned touch-typing in the correct way, the more you practice, the faster and better you get.

Touch-typing will improve your productivity. As you reach higher speeds, you will be able to finish your typing tasks-composing an email, writing a letter, or preparing a project report-in much lesser time. Also when you are touch-typing, you need not look at the keyboard. This will free your mind and help you in better organizing and structuring the material that you are typing. So touch-typing has greater potential for people like writers, poets, and professional writers-people who are putting their ideas to words and sentences. So touch-typing is the real-time transfer of human ideas to the computer. It is thought processing, which is much more than word processing.

Power Typing developed by Edicom Systems is a simple and easy-to-use touch-typing tutor, which helps you in becoming a touch typist in 10 weeks, assuming that you spend 30 minutes a day for practicing. To improve the typing speed and reduce the errors, one has to learn typing in the correct method.

Power Typing has a number of features that will help you in mastering touch-typing within a very short period of time. The basic keyboard skill section introduces you to the keys and finger placement on the keyboard. The game section breaks the monotony of the practice sessions and enables you to learn while having fun. The new key practices session help you in practicing the keys that you have recently learned. There are exercises to familiarize you to the numeric keypad of the keyboard. The practices and tests session contains practice sessions and tests designed to assess your skill level. The tests are based on the real-world tests. These tests enable you to find your weak areas and practice so that the weaknesses are eliminated.

One very useful feature of this package is that more than one user can use this software and the system will track the progress of each person. Each user can start a session by entering his/her user name and then the system will store the information about each user in its records. You a see your progress report and see how you are progressing. There is a facility to change your skill level from 4 words per minute to 60 words per minute. So as you progress, you can test your limits by increasing the skill level.

This program switches to DOS mode, which is sometimes an irritant. Other than that, the program works perfectly and achieves the desired goals-mastering touch-typing.

You can get more details of Power Typing and download a trial version from the site of Edicom Systems.

Alexis Leon