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Book Collector

If you are a book collector, then you surely need this product. If you have a library, then you can save a lot of time with this product. If you are a bookstore owner, then you can serve your customers better with this product. If you are a publisher or an acquisition editor, then you can improve your personal productivity with this product. If you are a student, researcher, author or writer, you can save a lot of time and effort with this product when you are doing the literature research or reading assignments.

The product–Book Collector–is a software product for organizing your collection of books, magazines, etc. It is an excellent utility for storing information about the books that you have, the books that you are interested in, the books that have read, the books that you are planning to read, the book that you planning to buy, and so on.

Book Collector can store almost all the information that you want about a book. Very little is missing here. I say that because there must be something that Book Collector doesn’t provide, but I couldn’t find anything missing. ISBN, title, author(s), publisher, year of publishing, format, edition, number of pages, price, and the list goes on and on–Book Collector has it all. If you want to add something that is not there then Book Collector provides you with fields that you can customize to suit your needs. You can add personal details like date of purchase, purchase price, your notes/comments/reviews and so on. You can even add the front and back cover images to the Book Collector database.

Adding book details to the database is a breeze; thanks to the drop-down menus and list boxes that enables you to choose most of the details from the existing values. Any new value that you add is automatically added to the lookup list.

The highlight of Book Collector is the ‘Add by Online Query’ feature. This feature enables you to collect the book details from the Web; one just has to enter the ISBN and then click on the “Add by Online Query” button. The software looks for the book details from a host of on-line sources including Amazon, Library of Congress, etc. You can select the sources that have to be searched and even define the order in which the search has to be performed. The software even provides you the facility to scan-in the ISBN, thus eliminating manual data entry. When you have a large number of books in your collection, the online query facility is an excellent timesaver.

The Book Collector has comprehensive querying and reporting features that enables you to query the book database for specific information and generate and print reports in the way you want. Book Collector can import data from other Book Collector databases. Data can be exported as delimited ASCII text or HTML tables.

The Book Collector has a pleasing and intuitive user interface and one can view the books in the database by category, author, publisher and so on. You can also create your own view using the ‘Custom’ folder option. The Statistics screen shows a graphical overview of your collection. You can view statistics charts for categories, author, publisher, format, etc.

The built-in Loan Management system allows you to keep track of the books you loan to friends, family, etc. The loan management system is simple and easy to use.

Thus Book Collector is a must have for every bibliophile and for those who needs book details for their research or writing. I have a personal library of more than 7000 books. Over the last 2 decades, I have tried a host of library management packages–both off-the-shelf and custom made. But Book Collector is the best of the lot.

You can get more details of this magnificent product and download an evaluation copy from the Collectorz.com web site.

Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon is a software consultant, author and researcher. He is the managing director of
L and L Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. a company specializing in web design and development and client/server application development and offering consultancy in software engineering, software quality assurance and Industrial engineering. He has written more than 40 books in various computer and management fields like Mainframes, Databases, Internet, SQL, Y2K solutions, ERP, E-commerce, Software configuration management, etc. His books are prescribed text books in many universities and training institutes in India. He holds an M. Tech in Industrial Engineering. He lives in Cochin, Kerala, India. Home page:Alexis’s Ark E-mail: alexis@lnl.net